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El Silencio de otros + Post-screening discussion

Almodóvar’s El Deseo production company presents this multiple award-winning documentary from madrileña filmmaker Carracedo and American director Bahar. In April 2019 we commemorate 80 years since the end of the Spanish Civil War, but also the beginning of a 40-year dictatorship; The Silence of Others captures the first attempt to bring to justice those accused of political crimes committed in the name of General Franco’s government. In a ground-breaking international court case, victims of re-education camps, child abduction and torture have come together to break their silence and confront the perpetrators. Filmed over six years, we follow survivors as they fight a state-sanctioned amnesia, and watch as sections of society begin to break away from the longstanding Pact of Forgetting to rally to the call for truth and justice.

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Join us for a post-screening discussion led by Dr Shivani Pal, Salford Citizens Advice, and Prof Andy Willis, University of Salford & HOME’s Visiting Curator of Film.