El Palo

Directed by Eva Lesmes

Lesmes’ second feature (PUT A MAN IN YOUR LIFE showed at ¡Viva! in 1997) is a comic crime caper with a feminist twist. Divorced mother Lola (Ozores) works as a cleaner in a bank but dreams of a better life. So she assembles a most unlikely team of equally desperate bank robbers: a wealthy woman on the skids (Maura); a single, pregnant hairdresser (Verdu) and a boyish street punk (Goya-nominated Alterio). The solid script, deft direction and excellent performances from the stellar cast combine to create a warm-hearted farce with a political edge. www.grupoboca.com/elpalo + El Diskette (Dir Antonio Muñoz de Mesa, Sp 2001, 16mins) In this fondly observed comedy, a group of mature women learn IT skills, but one of the students is frustrated by a strange object. Print/copia: Bocaboca Producciones

87 minutes

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