UK Premiere/ El Inconveniente

Directed by Bernabé Rico

When Sara is offered the chance to buy a light and airy flat with spectacular views over Seville, she can’t believe her luck. There’s just one snag: Lola, the flamboyant septuagenarian current owner, will remain living in it until she dies.

In theory, Sara shouldn’t have to wait long; Lola has already had two heart-bypasses, smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish. But as the months go by, Lola seems more vivacious than ever; and to make matters worse, Sara’s own life starts to crumble around her. The two women, so very different in age, experience and personality, yet united in their loneliness, form an unlikely friendship filled with tenderness and laughter in what is ultimately a sweet celebration of life.


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HOME Friends – Sat 24 Jul
HOME Members – Mon 26 Jul
General Sale – Tue 27 Jul

109 minutes

Translated title:
One Careful Owner


Full English

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