El crimen del Padre Amaro

Directed by Carlos Carrera

Adapted by dramatist and author Vicente Leñero from the eponymous 1875 Portugese novel by José María Eçu de Queiróz, PADRE AMARO was the biggest selling native film in the history of Mexican cinema. Like two previous Mexican hits, CRIMEN stars Gael García Bernal, here playing the role of an idealistic young priest sent to a village to receive further training from Father Benito (Gracia). In Los Reyes, Father Amaro meets the devout Amelia and learns how the Church functions within the local community, flouting the odd Catholic tenet. Amaro’s feelings for Amelia grow and soon the vow of celibacy is threatened. With a nod to Buñuel, Carrera’s film is a robust anti-clerical melodrama – alternately satirical and gothic. “Confident in its logic and passionate in its cynicism, PADRE AMARO dares any believer to throw the first stone.” Village Voice

119 minutes

Country of origin:
Argentina, France, Mexico and Spain

Year of production: