El Camino de San Diego

Directed by Carlos Sorín

EL CAMINO completes the trilogy that started with HISTORIAS MÍNIMAS and continued with BOMBÓN EL PERRO. Tati Benítez is a young man from the poor, rural Misiones district who is completely obsessed with Diego Maradona: his number’s even tattooed on his back. When he hears that his hero has been hospitalised, Tati realises that he has a mission. He must bring the massive root that resembles the footballer to his stricken idol in Buenos Aires. Crossing the country on foot, root over one shoulder, Tati encounters all sorts of folk. Once again Sorin works with non-professional actors (including a couple of familiar faces from BOMBÓN) for an engaging, insightful, and affectionate snapshot of Argentinean life.

98 minutes


Country of origin:
Argentina and Spain

Year of production: