El Bonaerense

Directed by Pablo Trapero

Left holding the bag following a botched safe-cracking job, provincial locksmith Zapa (Román) is shipped off to Buenos Aires where he is inducted into the local Police Force, El Bonaerense. In the city, life is cheap and cops buy their new Glocks on H.P, deducted from their monthly pay cheque. Zapa is soon rising within their ranks when an old criminal colleague turns up, recognising the young man’s unique dual qualification as lock-picker and corrupt cop. The gritty, streetwise BONAERENSE is laced with black humour and offers another excellent example of the verve within contemporary Argentine cinema.“… EL BONAERENSE is a brooding work laced with grim black humour, demonstrating once again why Argentine new-wave filmmakers are starting to make waves internationally.” Mark Kermode

101 minutes

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