El Aura

Directed by Fabián Bielinsky

The director of NUEVE REINAS/NINE QUEENS was only 47 when he died last summer. EL AURA, his second and final feature, offers undeniable testimony to his immense talent and reminds audiences everywhere what a great loss Argentinean cinema has suffered. A noirish thriller with a heart as dark as its forest setting, it follows an epileptic, introverted taxidermist (Darín) who is convinced that he can carry off the perfect robbery. On a hunting trip in Patagonian woodlands, he is given the chance to test his theory when he takes advantage of a criminal opportunity that soon spirals out of control. EL AURA oozes an atmosphere of unease, from its ‘Scope cinematography of overwhelming landscape to Darín’s intense and inscrutable performance.

134 minutes


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