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El Árbol negro + introduction

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, HOME is temporarily closed and this event will no longer be taking place.

We do not know yet how long this closure will last, but this will be at least until the end of March 2020. We will attempt to reschedule as many events as possible and if this is not possible, we will be contacting ticketholders to refund cancelled shows.

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A superbly shot and poetic documentary about Martín, an indigenous goat farmer from the Qom (or Toba) community, in a province of Argentina bordering Paraguay. His struggle for land rights and environmental security sets him in direct opposition to the agribusiness behemoths; the urgency of his fight underlined by the fatal condition tragically picking off his beloved goats one animal at a time. Impassioned assemblies and illegal roadblocks form part of the Qom’s methods, but Martín also turns to an ancient and magical solution: a pilgrimage to the elusive Black Tree, with its mythical power to break a curse.

In following his journey, the filmmakers hoped to find in this magical world view perhaps some alternative way to restore our damaged planet.

Event details

Introduced by Dr Ignacio Aguiló, University of Manchester, with BSL interpretation, on Sat 14 Mar.

The BSL interpreter will be either Alex McDonald or Siobhan Rocks.