Ed Gein

Directed by Chuck Parello

Ed Gein was the middle-aged Wisconsin local weirdo who became ‘fifties America’s bogeyman when evidence of his necrophilia and cannibalism emerged in the growing glare of the media spotlight. Gein was the inspiration for over forty films, including three horror classics: PSYCHO, THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE, and THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. This fiction film examines Gein’s life and the conditions that created a killer. Despite his grave robbing and horrible corpse experiments, the other 640 inhabitants tolerated him merely as the town oddball, until he murdered a second local woman. The casting of Gein is inspired as Railsback was famous for his role as Charles Manson in HELTER SKELTER. Period details are created with care, whilst the violence is relatively understated.

90 minutes

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