Driving Mum

Directed by Hilmar Oddsson

Hilmar Oddsson’s delightful 1980-set dark comedy road movie is an oddball odyssey of self-discovery and acceptance – and all spanning the beautifully-photographed landscapes of Iceland. 

Middle-aged and disappointed, Jón spends his days knitting and listening to the radio with his domineering elderly mother on their rural Icelandic farmstead. 

With his life overtaken with looking after his home and his mother’s needs, Jón’s isolated world is upended when she suddenly passes away. But having left him a series of instructions to follow upon her death, Jón sets out on a journey across Iceland to honour her final wishes – including being buried in Eyrarbakki, her home village. 

Strapping her into his Ford Cortina, and with the beloved (and scene-stealing) family dog Brezhnev in tow, Jón sets off on his strange odyssey. With his late mum still relentlessly nagging him from the back seat, he meets a variety of peculiar and charming strangers en route, and encounters some ghosts from his past too… 

Beautifully filmed in crisp black and white, Driving Mum is a heartwarming, emotional film with a fantastic central performance from Gunnarsson. 

113 minutes

Translated title:
(Á Ferð með Mömmu)


Full English

Country of origin:
Estonia and Iceland

Year of production:

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