Double Bill/ I Am Somebody & Red Skirts on Clydeside

Directed by Jenny Woodley, Christine Bellamy & Madeline Anderson

These two documentaries represent the vital role women have played in working class struggle and resistance.   

I Am Somebody
Dir Madeline Anderson/US 1970/28 mins
Stirring 29 min documentary about 1969 hospital workers strike in Charleston, South Carolina. Many of the workforce who sent on strike were black women and the film captures their sacrifices, solidarity and determination not to be cowed by the system.

Red Skirts on Clydeside
Dirs Jenny Woodley, Christine Bellamy/GB 1984/40 mins
Driven by a desire to uncover often forgotten or ignored women’s histories, this documentary from the Sheffield Film Cooperative follows the attempts to discover the story of women’s activism during the Glasgow rent strikes of 1915.

66 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production:
1970 & 1984