Double Bill: Apaches + Long Shot

Dir John Mackenzie/GB 1977/27 mins
For Apaches, perhaps the most shocking public information film made in the UK, Smith collaborated with The Long Good Friday director John Mackenzie to present the story of a band of children who enjoy playing around that most dangerous of sites, the farmyard. The result ensures the rest of us will forever think twice before playing near a tractor.


Long Shot
Dir Maurice Hatton/GB 1978/85 mins
Charles Gormley, Neville Smith, Wim Wenders
Set against the backdrop of the Edinburgh film festival, The Long Shot follows a producer Charlie (Gormley) and writer Neville (Smith) as they try to get an American director, initially Sam Fuller, to agree to film their script about Aberdeen oilmen, ‘Gulf + Western’. The Long Shot is a knock-about tale that perfectly reflects the perilous state of the British film industry in the 1970s. Once again Neville Smith turns in a sparklingly witty performance.

112 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain