Derecho de familia

Directed by Daniel Burman

Following EL ABRAZO PARTIDO (¡Viva! 2006), this is the third part of Burman’s loose trilogy on fathers and sons. Perelman Jr. (Burman fave Hendler) is a busy law professor, bursting with intellectual energy but lacking in emotional maturity. He lives in the shadow of his father, Perelman Sr. (Goetz), a successful lawyer who wins friends and trials alike. When Junior gets married and has a child, he is forced to re-assess his relationship with dad and to ponder his own future with his new son. Once again, Burman sets his story in Buenos Aires’ Jewish neighbourhood. DERECHO uses ellipses and close-ups to raise big issues through small moments, and the result is humorous, warm, and very human. Argentina’s official submission to the Oscars.

105 minutes


Country of origin:
Argentina, France, Italy and Spain

Year of production: