CREAM Competition Shorts Programme

Directed by Various

Continuing an international collaboration with CREAM (International Festival for Arts and Media Yokohoma 2009). We showcase the prize-winning works from among 992 submissions from 42 countries. How will new forms of moving image expression that transcend conventional domains of artistic expression affect society in the future?

Screening as part of Abandon Normal Devices, produced by Cornerhouse, FACT and folly. See the full programme on the AND festival website


Animal Dance

Dir Ryo Okawara/JP 2009/5 mins
Animal Dance is a hand-written animation, expressing a sense of energy of life. It portrays all the movements and actions of life as “dance” and synchronizes it with music. It makes use of the characteristic of two-dimensional animation to express the visibility of images and its links, metamorphoses of forms.


Dir Masashi Yokota/JP 2008/5 mins
The work consists of three different landscapes. Looking at the landscape from someday and somewhere in my hand. Trying to see something invisible and does not remembered again, the passage of time, the memory and the atmosphere in that landscape.

Space Drawing

Dir Sai Hua Kuan/SG 2009/1 min
Space Drawing explores the idea of the simplest but the most fundamental function of line to divide, subtract and define a space.

HACHIOJI: HOLE IN GAP – the crossing of zebra time

Dirs Michiko Tsuda, Caroline Bernard/JP FR 2008/13 mins
This project fits the logic of recording and hybridization through the use of lightweight, highly mobile such as cell phones filming or urban webcam. In this work different times of the same space are mixed. A webcam controlled from Europe is synchronized to a second camera at the local site. Contrarily to the spot camera, the webcam has a large view but a poor time description. A time full of jumps and gaps is described in its full complexity by the editing between the two cameras, and by the movements of the professional performer.


Dir Kei Oyama/JP 2008/15 mins
The film portrays an adolescent boy and his family in a quiet tone. The close-up shots of skin, wood, and concrete are digitally processed to produce this animation. This procedure makes it possible to create the overwhelming texture, giving it the grotesque, vivid reality, and also expressing the time of adolescent years itself.

…niland 1

Dirs Rocío Rodríquez, Marius Leneweit/ES 2009/13 mins
…niland 1 is focused on the separating line of both water and air, the center of which is the man in adaptation by a rise of the sea level. It builds new landscapes on the sea between water and tornades currents, a fight for air being interrupted by a mere rise of the water level, allowing the shining of the water surface line. This film tells unreasonably through pictures, lets us imagine events, persists on searching and remains uncertain.


£5.50 full / £4 concs

52 minutes

Country of origin:
France, Japan, Singapore and Spain