• Zacarias y el dragon de lluvia gris (Zacarias and the Dragon of Grey Rain)
    Dir José Victor Fuentes ES 2006 10 mins
    Zacarias comes from a far away land, beyond the sea, where no one knows of the existence of the dragon of grey rain.
  • Mi tío Paco (My Uncle Paco)
    Dir Tacho González ES 2006 11 mins
    Summer at the beginning of the 70s on a beach in the south of Spain, Paco uses his five year old nephew to attract girls.
  • 20 MIL
    Dir Maria Gamboa CL 2006 15 mins
    8-year-old Monika and Cecilia are inseparable. On the school bus they sell cakes that Monika’s made. Cecilia feels very rich.
  • El Castigo (The Punishment)
    Dir Isabel Ayguavives ES 2006 17 mins
    Every day a family of four sit down for dinner. Then the liver and onion dish is served along with a punishment!
  • Ge y Zeta
    Dir Gustavo Riet AR 2006 16 mins
    In a dark and foreboding place, a prisoner and his guard share the oppression of a perverse system. They build a relationship through a magical story.
  • Valentia y la muerte (Valentia and the Dead)
    Dir Pablo Rojas Marchini CH 2006 4 mins
    A little girl says her goodbyes to her grandmother.
  • Lo importante (The Main Thing)
    Dir Alauda Ruiz ES 2006 11 mins
    Lucas is ten years old. Wearing his new goalkeeper’s strip he waits for his opportunity to play. The main thing is to take part.
  • 6 o 7 Veranos
    Dir Rodrigo Rodero Álvarez ES 2006 15 mins
    For Paul and Berta memories are now just distant music, the sound of those summer nights during their shared childhood holiday.

99 minutes


Country of origin:
Argentina, Chile and Spain