Cortados dé terror

Directed by Various

  • Y que cumplas muchos más
    Dir David Alcalde ES 2006 14 mins
    A social worker is about to discover a dark secret on her way to help a kid allegedly suffering from child abuse.
  • Mirindas asesinas
    Dir Álex de la Iglesia ES 1990 12 mins
    A man asks for a “mirinda” in a pub. From that moment, anything is possible…
  • El Ciclo
    Dir Víctor García ES 2003 9 mins
    In darkness, a basement, a man, dead bodies, plastic bags and more!!!
  • Máquinas
    Dir Gabe Ibáñez ES 2006 16 mins
    Through pain and confusion a girl discovers her new nature, finding the way to achieve lost harmony.
  • I Will See You in My Dreams
    Dir Miguel Ángel Vivas ES 2003 19 mins
    Zombies and more zombies! But do we really hate them?
  • Ya no puede caminar
    Dir Luis Berdejo ES 2001 14 mins
    Pacheco’s father teaches him how to conquer his fear of ‘creepy crawlies’.
  • El Tren de bruja
    Dir Koldo Serra ES 2003 17 mins
    A man agrees to participates in a lucrative behavioural experiment about fear. He only needs to complete it…

101 minutes


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