Directed by James Foley

An elegant and stylish neo-noir with a witty script and seedy L.A. locations, CONFIDENCE is a return to form for director Foley (AFTER DARK, MY SWEET, GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS). Regaling in the seductive art of storytelling that marks a good con film, it twists and turns in the tale of a grifter whose last great scam turns out to be his first big mistake. Jake Vig (Burns) swindles thousands of dollars out of the unsuspecting accountant of eccentric crime boss, ‘The King’ (Hoffman). To make amends Jake pitches ‘The King’ an even bigger scam. Unfortunately the plan requires an additional player and Vig settles on a pickpocket femme fatale named Lily (Weisz) whilst neglecting to mention he also has an unkempt FBI agent (Garcia) on his trail. “By the end…we know we’ve been used, and we’ve loved every minute of it.” LA Weekly

98 minutes

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