Climate Activism and Disaster Displacement

Directed by Katia Lara

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We explore and examine the impact of climate change on people around the world, and the consequences experienced by those fighting to stop it.   

Horizon’s is proud to present an excerpt of Climate Justice Perspectives, a film currently in development by Serge Tebu and Emmanuela Yogolelo. Following this, we will screen the powerful 2016 short film, Berta Vive. 

Berta Vive 

On March 2016, the assasination of Berta Cáceres shook the world. Gustavo Castro, Mexican environmental activist, witnessed the crime, and survived the horror of that night. The defense against the construction of a dam at the Gualcarque River is the preface to this story. We follow Miriam Miranda, leader of the Garífuna people and friend of Berta. Both women share the struggle for decolonization in a country that is being sold to transnational capital and where death is delivered in so many different ways. 

Event/ This screening will be followed by a panel discussion with Lucia Cuevas, Emmanuela Yogolelo and Mustafa Alachkar discussing the impact on those having to endure the climate crisis first hand and the activists fighting to make a difference.   

70 minutes


Full English

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