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Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival/ Best of Lab Competition 2019 + Introduction

The Lab competition is the place where people rush in to experience jarring films. Electrifying combinations, arresting viewpoints, accomplished risk-taking; Clermont-Ferrand’s Lab is the right prescription for visual addicts. Come get your fix, brought to you by artists dangerously in love with images and sounds.

Tickets: £6 full/£5 concs

Films screening in this selection are:

All Inclusive
Dir Corina Schwingruber Ilic/CH 2018/10 mins
Under the spell of mass entertainment at high sea.

Last Year When the Train Passed by
Dir Pang-Chuan Huang/FR 2018/18 mins
“What were you doing last year when I took this photo from a train passing in front of your house?” My experience of train travel is at the heart of this project. I’m always curious about the little houses I see through the window as I pass by.

Dir Nikita Diakur/DE 2018/3 mins
Drone. Stunt. Rave. YouTube inspired and simulated.

Dirs Jacob Cartwright & Nick Jordan/GB 2018/12 mins
A film that navigates through post-industrial landscapes across Europe, from the UK’s abandoned Yorkshire coal seams to the culturally re-purposed collieries of the Ruhr Valley, Germany, via the former mining area of Wallonia, Belgium.

Dir Ismaël Joffroy Chandoutis/FR 2018/20 mins
Online players talk about their difficulties in escaping “swatting”, a cyber-harassment phenomenon that is sometimes fatal and threatens them whenever they play. The action takes shape through YouTube videos and wireframe images from a video game.

The Flood Is Coming
Dir Gabriel Böhmer/GB CH 2018/9 mins
A forest hermit tries to prepare for a flood, but he becomes distracted by his noisy neighbour – who happens to be the hermit’s left eye.

The Passage
Dir Kitao Sakurai/US 2018/22 mins
Phil is on the run after escaping captivity. His childlike ineptitude keeps getting him into trouble, however, and agents who’ve been hired to recapture him are always one step behind. The result is a series of globe-trotting misadventures and surprising new friendships.

Event details

This screening will be introduced by Tim Redford, International Coordinator of Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival, and Nick Jordan, Manchester-based filmmaker whose short film Stratum screens as part of this event.