Chuck and Buck

Directed by Miguel Artera

A Sundance favourite, CHUCK & BUCK is an unsettling comedy that subverts the buddy movie genre. Buck (White) is a young man with a Peter Pan complex. Following the death of his mother, he tracks down childhood friend Chuck in hopes of renewing their close ties. Unlike his pal, Charles has grown up and moved on and is now a high-flying L.A. record exec with a fiancée. But Buck will not be easily dissuaded and pursues his friend with obsessive devotion. Shot on digital, this indie has a weird pedigree: written by its co-star (TV scribe White) whilst Weitz (Chuck) is one half of the directing brother team responsible for AMERICAN PIE.”Fascinating, funny and ultimately quite touching.” Edinburgh Film Festival catalogueThe film will be preceded by Paul Merton’s first short film THE SUICIDAL DOG (15):As his devoted owners struggle with a deteriorating marriage, our eponymous canine hero develops suicidal tendancies.

96 minutes

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