Cat In the Wall

Directed by Vesela Kazakova & Mina Mileva

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Irina is a Bulgarian ex-pat architect who has set up home in (and paid for) an ex-council flat in a Peckham middle-rise housing block. She’s house-proud, talented, fiercely independent and somewhat scathing of what she sees as the ‘benefit scroungers’ who surround her. She shares her
tiny space with young son Jojo and her brother Vladimir, a highly-educated historian reduced to fitting tv satellite dishes for a living.

The block is being renovated – a major source of stress for Irina and other owner-occupiers, who will be liable for a share of the costs. The tensions inherent in a situation where a microcosmic cross-section of UK society all live on top of each other are all too obvious, and they explode when a hapless ginger cat, apparently homeless, is adopted by Irina’s family.

92 minutes


Partial English

Country of origin:
Bulgaria, France and Great Britain

Year of production: