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The moral decadence and sexual ambiguity of pre-War Berlin take centre stage in Cabaret – Bob Fosse’s landmark adaptation of John Kander and Fred Ebb’s critically acclaimed Broadway production.

Within the salacious Kit Kat Club, starry-eyed Sally Bowles (Minnelli) and the impish Master of Ceremonies (Grey) offer distraction and decadence, while the Nazi party tightens its grip on the world outside. When language teacher Brian Roberts (York) arrives and falls for Sally, the two find themselves entrenched in turmoil, depravity, and danger…

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, Cabaret remains a truly unique movie musical like no other.

Screening to celebrate the film’s 50th Anniversary.

This film is one of our Staff Picks! Read on to find out what HOME’s very own have to say…

Musicals! HOME Staff Pick: Suzanne Smith, Usher (Front of House team) and Bookshop Assistant

“Do you like your musicals to be escapist and uplifting? Well tough luck because this one’s about the creeping rise of the far right. And it’s fantastic.

It’s also about drag, gender, fluidity, performance, violence, glamour, the terror of feeling wholeheartedly and the impossibility of an apolitical position. Importantly, it also features the best fringe in musical cinema.

Set in 1930s Berlin, the whole thing looks utterly glorious yet is fully steeped in the horror of what’s to come. Allow yourself to be weirded out by Bob Fosse’s tight, awkward, slightly frightening choreography. Delight at the dead eyed, unsmiling women with sexed-up-Pierrot makeup and unpleasantly sequinned shorts. Lose yourself in the decadence, the friendships, the sex and the foreboding. Wish you could really, really belt out a secret song about the things that terrify you and everything you wish for.

Go and see Cabaret. If, by the end, you don’t want to do a strange dance, wear a silky nightgown and fight fascism with every bone in your body then I really do despair.”

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