Broken Embraces

Directed by Pedro Almodóvar

Notorious for his camp, kitsch cinema of excess, Spain’s most famous cinema export Pedro Almodóvar teams up once again with actress Penélope Cruz, creating a film which will delight fans of their work. With a stellar Spanish cast, Broken Embraces is a sexy thriller with a twist, which in true Almodóvar style plays with the traditions of cinema.


“Pedro Almodóvar has always managed to combine elegance and exuberance, and his latest movie is no exception: a richly enjoyable piece of work, slick and sleek, with a sensuous feel for the cinematic surfaces of things and, as ever, self-reflexively infatuated with the business of cinema itself.” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

“A restless, rangy and frankly enjoyable genre-juggler that combines melodrama, comedy and more noir-hued darkness than ever before, the film is held together by the extraordinary force of Almodovar’s cinematic personality.” Jonathan Holland, Variety


Cannes Film Festival ’09 – nomination
– Golden Palm (Pedro Almodóvar)

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128 minutes


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