British Animation Awards: Public Choice Prog 2

Don’t miss your chance to vote for winners in the British Animation Awards 2018! There are three specially selected programmes which contain a mix of animated shorts, music videos and commercials including several international festival award winners. After each programme, cast your vote to help select this year’s winners!

Programme 2 line-up:

G-AAAH | Elizabeth Hobbs | Independent | 01:25
Amy Johnson worked as a solicitor’s typist before her record- breaking Croydon to Australia solo flight in 1930. The film was created with an Underwood 315 typewrite,r as a celebration of her journey.

Spindrift | Selina Wagner | Blobina Animations | 11:40
A girl, more eagle than human, must decide between life on the wing and her humanity when a stranger arrives on the tide.

Heist | Ed Leicester | UWE, Bristol | 02:15
Inspired by classic heist movies from the 80s and 90s, abstracted motion graphics recount a robbery from start to finish.

Mamoon | Ben Steer | Blue-Zoo Productions | 06:30
Using projected animation onto real, polystyrene film sets, the film was inspired by the plight of Syria’s refugees, following the story of a mother and child whose lives descend into darkness when the moon mysteriously loses its light.

The Ship | Natasha Price | Calling The Shots | 03:10
A cautionary tale of nationalism (and the relative merits of pasties).

Fishwitch | Adrienne Dowling | National Film & Television School | 09:00
Tootega, a witch, living in isolation on an iceberg adrift, and merman Derek – more fish than man really –joyously rollicking around the ocean, oblivious to the fact that his dreadful singing is the very reason he remains friendless…. When these characters come together, Derek begins to unlock the secret Tootega has kept hidden for a long, long time…

A Little Grey | Steve Smith & Simon Hewitt | Beakus | 05:20
Is there any cure for being ‘a little grey’? One man’s search takes him through bars, churches, doctor’s surgeries, tattoo parlours and beyond, but will he find what he’s looking for? A colourful story about losing your spark and finding redemption.

Adrift | Roxana Bentu | Royal College of Art | 04:50
Social media, romantic expectations, ecological issues and the existential search for power and control over one’s destiny.

Tough | Jennifer Zheng | Kingston University | 04:50
Some things can only be understood with maturity. New light is shed on childhood cultural misunderstandings when a Chinese mother and her British born daughter speak as adults for the first time.

James: Dear John | Peter Vacz | Picasso Pictures for BMG | 04:10
Two characters on a surreal and life changing journey.

Pentakill: Mortal Reminder | Pete Candeland | Friends Electric | 04:40
From the director of the seminal Gorillaz music videos.

Poles Apart | Paloma Baeza | National Film & Television School | 12:00
An unlikely meeting between Nanuk, a tough female polar bear, and Aklak, an enthusiastic male grizzly, brought together by their changing habitats.

70 minutes

Country of origin:
Great Britain