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Bread and Roses + D.N.W. Short Film

Some of the most interesting films about North America are often made by outsiders.  That is certainly the case with Bread and Roses, which sees director Ken Loach, together with regular collaborators writer Paul Laverty and producer Rebecca O’Brien, venture to the US to make a film inspired by the ‘justice for janitors’ campaign. The film centres on the experiences of Maya, a migrant worker from Mexico whose work experiences reveal the harshness of the US system and lead her to become involved in the struggle to unionise the workforce.

Screening from a 35mm print.

Short film screening alongside this feature film: D.N.W. Chapter 1

Be watchful…we move in the shadows.
We are 21st Century Suffragettes. We celebrate heroines past & present via #art #activism #music #dance #film.

Throughout 2018 D.N.W. (Deeds Not Words) filmed a series of guerrilla artworks in London, Manchester and other UK cities, to mark 100 years since the Representation of the People Act was passed, granting some women over 30 in the UK the right to vote for the first time. Like 21st Century Suffragettes D.N.W use creative daring to honour heroines  from the past and from the present day via art, activism, music, dance and documentary, highlighting the stories of the women’s suffrage movement through the eyes and voices of 21st Century women. The actions of the suffragettes will resonate in today’s landscape through original musical interventions captured in these short films which aim to energise a new wave of activists with a shared vision for gender equality, celebrating all that the Suffragettes achieved as well as highlighting what is still to be done.