Born and Bred

Directed by Pablo Trapero

The fourth feature from the director of MUNDO GRUA, EL BONAERENSE and FAMILIA RODANTE (¡Viva! 2005) is perhaps his most personal and offers a very different voyage to that of his previous film. Santi (Pfening) is a successful interior designer with a wife, daughter and happy life in Buenos Aires. When an accident rips his family apart, Santi puts as much distance as he can between himself, Buenos Aires and his past. He finally surfaces at a desolate airport in the brooding, frozen north of Patagonia where he pays penance through monotonous work. But the ghosts of his past invade the stability of the present and threaten to tip Santi into insanity. NACIDO Y CRIADO is a moving study of the effects of grief and identity in the face of a seemingly insurmountable trauma – which nonetheless must be overcome.

100 minutes

Country of origin:
Argentina, Chile, France, Great Britain and Spain

Year of production: