Bollywood Bound

Directed by Nisha Pahuja

Follow the ups and downs of Neeru, Vikram, Vekeana and Ruby, four Indo-Canadians looking for fame, Indian style. Success in Indian cinema doesn’t seem such a distant dream to these young actors raised on a diet of Hindi movies in the Canadian suburbs. At home, they would consider themselves lucky to land small ethnic roles in television, but in Mumbai, they could make it big! Accompanying the struggling actors from casting calls to auditions and rehearsals with some of India’s biggest stars, this exhilarating documentary conveys a new twist on an old showbiz tale. Beyond the valuable insights into the Bollywood film industry, the film is about the quest for cultural identity. Perceived as too Indian in Canada, could our four protagonists’ new problem be that they feel too Canadian in India? Amid the fast-changing world of cultural convergence this is also the story of finding one’s own place in the world. Playing with: NADAH (Dir: Afia Serena Nathaniel, Pakistan, 2002, Beta, 11min)

86 minutes

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