UK Premiere/ Billy

Directed by Max Lemcke

Billy takes us back to the late 60s, to the heyday of a notorious Francoist figure: Antonio González Pacheco, known as ‘Billy, el Niño, ‘Billy, the Kid’. Pacheco, a police inspector in the Social Political Brigade, died in 2020 without being formally judged, despite the clamour for justice from his victims.

This documentary delivers the testimonies of twenty-odd survivors, who were mainly university activists, including the anti-fascist Chato Galante, who, like Pacheco, succumbed to COVID-19 last year. The interviewees each recount their own traumatic experiences and offer their individual and sometimes contrasting perspectives on events. But the prevailing message is crystal clear: the Amnesty Law has corroded Spanish democracy and the country will always struggle to recover until the truth about the dictatorship is out.


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89 minutes


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