BAA02 – Public Choice: PROGRAMME 2

Grunt Transistor A dark, eerie journey into a sound provoked landscape. Swag A bank robbery goes wrong. Dog A young boy longs for reassurance about how his mother died. The Hound And The Fury A dog arrives in a strange world of musical strings. Music Promos/Ad Break Tindersticks: Dying Slowly Gorillaz: Clint Eastwood Aero: Deliveryman Coca Cola: Easter Flora: Jack Spratt Tennents: Pintlings Charmin: Pass It On Vodafone: Night Out Plain Pleasures Set in a 1930s diner, an awkward date between a reserved widow and a city bachelor gets off to a bad start. Blink A boy who gets the idea that if he cannot see something it isn’t there. So this must apply to his parents, too. The Lucky Dip A little girl’s adventure in a seaside town. Magic and stormy weather help her on her way. Thunderpig Superhero Thunderpig takes to his bed with an undone coiffure as an oncoming asteroid places our planet in peril. The World Of Interiors A story about procrastination in which a man becomes entangled in his own domestic web. Furry Story ET from Hell, via South Park. A tale about a cute little girl, her estranged parents, and their anarchic pet Goblin. Home Road Movies The real-life story of a shy and awkward father who desparately wanted the family car to make him a better parent.