BAA02 – Public Choice: PROGRAMME 1

Silver Thread Using a line to link scenes and describe connections between people. Music Promos/Ad Break Lowgold: Mercury Radiohead: Pyramid Song Bob The Builder: Mambo No. 5 Scotsman: Nest Room 2: Home Furnishing Powergen: Rabbit Starburst: If Salt Blizzard Follow the trail through the snowbound forest to a black bear in boots and an infernal triangle. Metalstasis A mechanical man finds his life disturbed by illness from an unusual source. Ann Lee You Proposes Ann Lee, a Japanese Manga character, invites the viewer to participate in her world. Hot Spot Dave and Ray compete on the dancefloor for the attentions of the beautiful Imogen. Camouflage The film explores the experience of a child growing up with a schizophrenic parent. The Cat With Hands Story about a cat who, the legend has it, wants to become human. Gina and Stella A tale of lipstick, lacquer and lemon puffs! Six Of One About love, infidelity, lies, and a crime of passion.