AND Shorts

Directed by Various

Successfully collated from the festivals open call for submissions, filmmakers present playful and contemplative visions of the world. The AND Shorts include dramas, animations and artists using unconventional techniques.

Screening is part of Abandon Normal Devices, produced by Cornerhouse, FACT and folly. See the full programme on the AND festival website.


Film Highlights


Dir Max Kimber/GB 2010/2 mins
A powerful short film examining the tenuous nature of life through the subject of a fledgling.

Wires and Bones

Dirs Andrew Brand, Alison Ballard/GB 2004/1 min
A short animation inspired by early experimental film.



Dir Naren Wilks/GB 2010/3 mins
Using four cameras, a man replicates himself.


Climbing an Easel

Dir Ruaidhri Ryan/GB 2010/2 mins
Documentation of an artist climbing an easel.


My Wonderland

Dir Kate Rowles/GB 2010/7 mins
In an effort to represent the personal relationship between the house and its dweller, Kate Rowles invites her father to direct her as she plays a giant girl curious about this tiny building and the people (her mother) living inside.


Happy Families – Mr Tugg

Dir Mole Hill/GB 2009/1 min
A husband and wife enjoy solitary pleasures.



Dir Gemma Copp/GB 2010/5 mins
A series of performative actions within a set environment. The work raises questions about feelings of entrapment and confinement, and suggests a strive for freedom and escapism.


La vie par le mort

Dir Trisha McCrae/GB 2010/2 mins
The film is about living life to the full but always with the constant reminder that death is only a breath away. The viewer sees life filtered through a window. From here the highs and lows of life whizz past: worry, fear, sex and all the emotions, with only a few pauses for breath in the sublime colourful moments of peace.


Focus (No.1)

Dir Sam Holden/GB 2009/3 mins
Falling between artist’s video and documentary film, Focus (No.1) explores preconception and prejudice, using storytelling and an extended focus pull to engage the viewer in the act of imagination.


Lacus Temporis

Dir Bret Battey/GB 2008/8 mins
12,000 points cluster and disband, falling between visibility and invisibility, order and uncertainty. Stabilities evolve, then melt away.


Against the Tide

Dir Jenny Baine/GB 2009/2 mins
An absurd attempt to achieve a pointless task, performed for the camera, using the wind-up mechanism of the Bolex camera as a timer.



Dir Gareth Hudson/GB 2009/4 mins
An outlook on the struggle for ascension and the persistence of loss.



Dir James Snazell/GB 2010/7 mins
Scape focuses on mechanical or electronic motion, using images of light sources that take on subjectivity, leading to hypnogogic states through the use of repetition.



£5.50 full / £4.50 concs

50 minutes

Country of origin:
Great Britain