American Psycho

Directed by Mary Harron

The director of I SHOT ANDY WARHOL successfully adapts Bret Easton Ellis’ controversial ’80s novel for the big screen, aided by co-writer Guinevere Turner (of GO FISH fame). Patrick Bateman (Bale) is the perfect yuppie, dealing in insider trading, living for designer labels and all the trendiest eateries. Only one thing touches Bateman’s soul – when he “does bad things”. Thus the colleague with the better business card literally gets the axe at the hands of Patrick who becomes an equally successful serial killer.

Dripping with dark humour and a vicious take on the ‘me decade’, AMERICAN PSYCHO is shot, designed, and directed to reflect the amoral attitudes of the times, all set to a soundtrack by John Cale.

This screening will be introduced by Jason Wood, Creative Director: Film & Culture at HOME

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102 minutes


Country of origin:
Canada and USA

Year of production: