Ai No Corrida

Directed by Nagisa Oshima

In 1930s Japan a couple cut themselves off from the mounting militarist fervour and take refuge in exploring and testing the limits of each other’s erotic pleasures. A superb new print of an erotic masterpiece.

Previously screened as part of the Pornerhouse Season.


“Oshima certainly has a passion for a passion, which he depicts in extraordinarily vivid detail, always beautifully […] By contrast with the athleticism on screen, his critique of Japanese society – woven into every moment – is subtle but no less powerful.” Michael Thomson, BBC

“The passage of time may have lessened the shock value of its graphic sexuality, but for sheer – pardon the expression – creative balls, this tale of 1930s amour fou remains startling even now. […] Unsanitised, worryingly convincing in its sadomasochistic detail, this is seriously provocative cinema, a telling reminder of what it really means to be dangerous.” Trevor Johnston, Time Out (London)


British Film Institute Awards 1976 – WINNER
– Sutherland Trophy (Nagisa Ôshima)

Hochi Film Awards 1976 – WINNER
– Best Actor (Tatsuya Fuji)

105 minutes


Country of origin:
France and Japan

Year of production: