Aftermath: The Remnant of War

Directed by Daniel Sekulich

UK PREMIERE Based on the award-winning book by Donovan Webster, Aftermath takes us around the world to meet a series of unique people. A Frenchman picks up unexploded bombs from the First World War; a Russian tries to identify bones from the Second World War; a Vietnamese struggles with the lingering effects of Agent Orange from the Vietnam War; and Bosnians live in an environment studded with mine-fields. Their stories provide portraits of man’s inhumanity to man but also our ability to heal old wounds. With a mix of never before seen footage, stock images, narration and original score, this Canadian documentary is a powerful reminder that we will continue to pay for the last century’s legacy of war for years to come. “Perhaps the ultimate anti-war film.” – Maine International Film Festival UNESCO Prize for best humanitarian film, International Festival of Environmental Films Gold Camera Award, US International Film and Video Festival Playing with: UNDER THE RAINBOW (Dir: Dean Blumberg, South Africa, 2002, 35mm, 15min)

73 minutes

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