A Mi Madre Les Gustan Las Mujeres

Directed by Inés Paris & Daniela Fejerman

This engaging, modern romantic comedy marks the directorial début for its acclaimed screenwriting duo. Three young women discover that their separated mum (Sarda) has a new lover. But their delight at the news is quickly dissipated by the arrival of Sofía’s beloved – a younger, Czech woman. Initially, the siblings attempt to behave like the progressive women they believe themselves to be. But the façade soon begins to crumble, especially for the neurotic, relationship-jinxed Elvira (Watling) and the girls decide to take drastic action. A witty take on modern attitudes and ‘family values’, based upon an excellent script and sparkling performances from all.


Print/copia: Fernando colomo p.c./grupo pi sales


+ V.O. (Dir Antonia San Juan Sp 2001 15 mins)

Directed by and co-starring Antonia San Juan (ALL ABOUT MY MOTHER), this Goya-nominated short offers a comic portrayal of the blind date from hell.


GUESTS We are delighted to welcome Directors Ines Paris & Daniela Fejerman along with Executive Producer, Beatriz de la Gandara to discuss the film after the screening on Saturday 16 March.

96 minutes

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