A City Seen/ Stud Life

Directed by Campbell X

Our Sixth A City Seen is curated by Manchester-based artists and activists Rainbow Noir to celebrate their exhibition ‘Here’ which is closing in the Inspire Gallery on the same day.

JJ is a Black Lesbian, ‘Stud’. Together with her best friend, Seb, a white gay pretty boy, they work as wedding photographers. Their clients are wide, weird and wonderful. JJ and Seb are both looking for love but in the wrong places. So, when JJ falls in love with the beautiful and mysterious Elle, JJ and Seb’s friendship is tested for the first time as JJ has to choose between her hot new lover and her best friend. Seb rejects the flirtatious advances of their local drug dealer Smack Jack as Seb is too busy lusting after a straight-acting man, Manchester Joe, who he found on Gaydar. London-set Stud Life is a sexy, young and cool gay romance taking a unique look at a slice of British urban life.

Join Rainbow Noir and friends after the film as they bring together butches, studs and masculine womxn from across the city to explore the visibility of black studs, masculinity in queer black women, and queer women of colour and themes of race, identity, queer womxn fashion and more! To celebrate Black History Month and accompany their Inspire Gallery exhibition which closes after the screening.

Chaired by Rainbow Noir, panellists include Kelsea, a butch Afro-American lesbian currently pursuing a PhD in physics with a background in social justice communication and Samira – emcee with Ajah UK, more TBC. Be roused and ready as Rainbow Noir represent at HOME.

Rainbow Noir is a volunteer led group celebrating, platforming and connecting lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer and intersex (LGBTQI) people of colour based in and around Manchester. Founded in 2013, they provide social space, peer support and community action for and by their community. Rainbow Noir exists to say;

“We are black. We are brown. We are queer. We are here.
We have always been here and we will always be here.”


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87 minutes


Country of origin:
United Kingdom

Year of production: