A Brixton Tale

Directed by Darragh Carrey & Bertrand Desrochers

Leah and Benji may walk the same London streets but they come from very different worlds. The debut feature from directors Darragh Carey and Bertrand Desrochers is a star-crossed romance confronting class, race and love in modern Britain.

White, middle-class Leah is an aspiring filmmaker who thinks she has found her perfect subject in shy Black lad Benji and his mate. A spark of romance catches fire but is she just using him to further her career? Is he more committed than her and what happens when their love is put to the test?

Plus/ All screenings of A Brixton Tale are presented by MASSIVE, a 6 minute short film Stories in Place: Zionly Manna by Curtis Essel will screen before the film. 

107 minutes


Country of origin:
Great Britain

Year of production: