7 Vírgenes

Directed by Alberto Rodríguez

An inspired pairing of EL TRAJE director Rodríguez and EL BOLA actor Ballesta results in this energetic coming-of-age tale. Teenaged Tano (Ballesta) has a weekend pass from reform school to attend his brother’s wedding in Seville. Despite warnings to the contrary, Tano’s determined to make the most of his brief liberty. And so he hooks up with best mate Richi (Carroza) and his girlfriend (Rodríguez) to get up to old tricks – and learn a few new ones. But the weekend doesn’t go according to plan… Sun-bleached, gritty street scenes, an evocative soundtrack and, especially, the excellent, award-winning performances of the young cast helped 7 VÍRGENES top the Spanish box-office charts last Autumn and gain numerous Goya nominations, including a win for Best New Actor for Jesús.

Certificate: 15 (Manchester City Council)

86 minutes


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