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120 BPM + ACT UP Art Jam + Intro

In the early 90s, with AIDS having already claimed countless lives for nearly a decade, activist group ACT UP takes their actions to another level in order to fight general indifference. The latest film from writer/director Robin Campillo (Les revenants and Eastern Boys) is a potent portrait of resistance fuelled by powerful performances and an incredible sense of time and place. The film was awarded the Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival 2017.

Listen to our review of this film on the April film podcast. It starts at the 0.52 mark!

Event details

To celebrate the release of the film and inspire more creative activism, Instigate Arts and Manchester’s LGBTQI film club Make A Scene welcome you to a pre & post-screening art jam in the cafe bar at HOME. Join us in this safe, creative space, to discuss the film and get inspired. It’s an opportunity to chat with some of Manchester’s most inspiring artists and activists working in this area, and to talk with others and make some work. No experience or ticket is necessary and everyone is welcome.

120 BPM will be showing at HOME at 17.40 on Tue 1o Apr with an introduction by Dr Monica Pearl and then 20.00 later that evening giving you the chance to join in whatever screening you’re attending.

Come and jam with:

  • Jez Dolan, whose practice explores queerness and identity through the codification of language with a specific focus on: the things we don’t say / things that remain unsaid / secrecy and hiddenness.
  • Anne Louise Kershaw, artistic director of Instigate Arts who create positive, progressive, social change through arts production and participation.
  • Gary James Williams, producer of Make A Scene film club, Drunk At Vogue and LGBT protest party Love Party.
  • Greg Thorpe, Curator, Writer, DJ (Drunk at Vogue/Off The Hook) and Project Manager for Superbia. Monica Pearl, Academic and Activist whose work focusses on the cultural representation of AIDS.

Music will be provided by Drunk At Vogue DJ Thom Docking playing a soundtrack of 80s and 90s dance music inspired by the film.

Event details

The 17:40 screening on Tue 10 Apr will be introduced by Dr Monica Pearl, Lecturer in 20th Century American Literature at the University of Manchester.