¿Por qué se frotan las patitas?

Directed by Álvaro Begines

The director describes the curiously titled “Why Do They Rub Their Little Feet Together?” (all will be revealed…) as a tragi-comic musical to make you laugh while crying, or cry laughing. This is the debut feature film from Álvaro Begines, who is most famous as the guitarist from the hit 80s and 90s pop group No me pises que llevo chanclas. Begines brings his musical genius to the big-screen using popular Spanish songs (given a flamenco makeover) to express heart-felt emotions and life-defining moments with wit and feeling. These ‘classics’ range from Las Ketchup to Raphael, with performers including the legendary flamenco stars Tomasito and Carmen Linares. The outlandish plot brings together three generations of a sevillana family, a hapless detective, counter-cultural Okupa communities and a Buddhist retreat, as the characters sing and dance their way to an emotional finale to get you dancing in the aisles!


105 minutes


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