Venessa Scott: Mancara Jack

Venessa Scott brightens up HOME with a brand-new mural reflecting on the importance and impact of people of colour in the UK.

“Mancara Jack” was created especially for Black History Month. The mural boasts the artist’s bold Mancara patterns which are Ankara-inspired designs… to create a familiar yet vivid statement that connects to the importance of representation.

From Monday 11th October free limited edition collectable prints will be available to collect from Box Office at HOME. 

Read more from the artist below:

‘Mancara Jack’ (2021) – Venessa Scott

Using the visual language of African wax cloth, I create artworks that aim to start conversations and bring vibrancy to their surroundings. Mancara Jack is a subverted Union Jack that hopes to pay homage to the energy, passion, and rich diversity that people of colour have brought to the United Kingdom for centuries.

The artwork is made up of three Mancara patterns

Mancara One:
Was the my first ever artwork in the series and speaks of growth and perseverance.

Mancara Vybe:
Scores of people shaped pattern elements, gestural marks and vibrant blooms combine together in this piece to communicate the dynamism, depth and energy of black culture and history.

Mancara Fragments:
Like fragments of glass in a stained glass window people of colour have historically been separated, categorised and marginalised; Placed into constraints that were almost impossible to escape. This piece speaks of change and hope. As the areas of vibrant colour, once held by their constraints, begin to break free.

Want to find more about Venessa Scott?
Head to Venessa Scott’s Website 

Head to HOME’s main entrance to see the exhibition in person.