Venessa Scott: Human. Nature

Venessa Scott: Human. Nature

Venessa Scott presents a brand-new solo exhibition that considers what the world of fungi can teach us about being human through the observation of connected nodes and mycelium networks. Venessa is interested in drawing parallels with nature so we can contemplate what we can learn from the world around us and how it influences our everyday lives.

The exhibition brings together a series of smaller scale paintings that inform a larger-scale mural. The works explore the mystery, power and untapped potential of vast networks of fungi that extend around our planet. Fungi are cited as one of the first complex life forms and Venessa takes inspiration from how they are intrinsically linked to the human experience and critical for life to survive on earth.

Venessa depicts a fungi population that is able to thrive through the connection of each individual organism. Venessa alludes to the power of the collective, the strength of community and advocates for compassion and the need for human connection and a closer relationship to the natural world.

Venessa urges us to think about how we can relate to the behaviour of fungi so we can use it as a lens to respond to contemporary and real-world events in the complex and challenging times we are currently living in.

About Venessa Scott

Venessa Scott is a prolific public artist working across painting, illustration and large scale murals. Venessa is also a specialist in Creative Education, recognised widely for her contribution to the arts and cultural sector in the North. Venessa delivers creative projects, workshops, and interventions to a range of audiences and has been commissioned by leading cultural, corporate and community organisations across the United Kingdom.

Venessa Scott has created a limited edition NFT as part of the Human Nature Exhibition that is available to purchase via the carbon neutral NFT marketplace Voice. Head here for more info.


Free, just drop by to our Granada Foundation Galleries (Level 1 and 2)