Tijuana Organic


Tijuana Organic is showing at Space, London 1 July – 19 August.


Tijuana Organic: women’s border realities, is the first UK show of ten female artists and projects from Tijuana, Mexico. The exhibition reveals the harsh realities of life in this busy and notorious border city, and more particularly explores women’s experiences within its culture.

Situated at the Northwest Mexican border, Tijuana is the main passage between the Mexican state of Baja California and the USA. The city acts as a dam for thousands of migrants, criminals and illegal workers who hope to cross the border, and in doing so magnifies existing political tensions and cultural contradictions in the region. It is also a city that has redefined itself through cultural activity.

The artists in the show use a diverse range of media, including photography, painting, installation and new media to explore questions of female identity and the evolving role of women in Mexican society. Issues that confront women in their daily lives are dealt with through metaphor, narrative and the humorous use of everyday materials.

The exhibition will also include a residency by two members of Tijuana based independent media collective Bulbo. Their name ‘Bulbo’ is Spanish for ‘bulb’ and signifies their desire to cast light upon people and ideas which are sidelined by mainstream media.

Bulbo members Lorena Fuentes Aymes and Cristina Velasco Lozano completed a three week residency at the beginning of May, during which time they worked with local individuals and organisations, including Unity Radio and Lets Go Global to name just a couple.  Their collaborations culminated in two events, which linked gallery audiences to Tijuana via live internet streaming.

Recordings of the two events:

Bulbo Broadcast: The Ultimates DJ challenge


Bulbo Broadcast Alternative Media as Social Space are now available to watch online.

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