The Bigger Picture Recommendation of the Fortnight

A tracksuited young ruffian lies stretched out on the sofa of his living room, ashtray balanced on a cushion, mobile phone nearby. He is watching television. He is watching you. You are watching a giant television in the middle of a city. Slowed down to the point where it more resembles a painting Smoking Scally is an arresting video portrait by mundane|space that forms part of our two week programme to celebrate the Queer Up North festival. Meanwhile in a dimension far away from the woodchip living room, a contemplative cowgirl stalks the desert in Inger Schwarz and Kerstin Schleppegrel’s No Light at the End of the World, and in Surrender by Sarah Wood the shoppers of Exchange Square are encouraged to release their inhibitions in an upbeat city stroll set to make you smile. The Bigger Picture airs on the Big Screen in Exchange Square, Manchester, Monday to Friday at 9am, 12noon, 2pm, 5pm and 10.35pm, with schedule subject to change.  For further details and submission information on this unique project, please visit