Strelnikov’s Glasses and Other Stories

The Society of the Spectacles, founded in 2012 as a creative research group that observes the cultural significance of eyewear in art and film, launches its third project: Strelnikov’s Glasses and Other Stories.

Strelnikov’s Glasses and Other Stories is a collaboration between The Society of the Spectacles and General Eyewear, a London based eyewear company. In addition to an extensive collection of vintage eyewear, General Eyewear specialises in making bespoke glasses for  movies, including those made by Steven Spielberg, Ridley Scott and Tim Burton.

The Society of the Spectacles have invited 24 artists, designers and film makers based in Sheffield, Manchester, Chicago, Panama and California to make work that responds to a pair of glasses (or its wearer), in a film of their choice, all in the format of the 27” x 40” film poster.

14 of the artists and designers involved are lecturers at Manchester School of Art. Curated by Susan Platt.

Artists include Ian Anderson: The Designers Republic™, Louise Adkins, Joan Beadle, Parsons & Charlesworth, Loose Collective, Kevin Craig, Chris Paul Daniels, Nick Fleming, Adam Griffiths, Robert Hamilton, Mike Harte, Jonathan Hitchen, Jo Hitchen, Hilary Judd, Ben Kither, DR.ME, Sam Meech, Susan Platt, Humberto Velez, Libby Scarlett, Lucy May Schofield, Birthday Studio, Lucy Vann and Ian Whadcock.

We are grateful to Klein Imaging for supporting the exhibition print for Strelnikov’s Glasses and Other Stories, with additional support from General Eyewear and Manchester School of Art.