Spectator Sport

To coincide with the start of a televised ‘summer of sport’ from the World Cup in Japan and South Korea to the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, Cornerhouse is pleased to present Spectator Sport. This major new exhibition turns the spotlight on sport, one of the few places in an increasingly formulaic televisual landscape where new ways of seeing are actively encouraged and explored. When a nation of armchair viewers can stay up past midnight hooked on coverage of curling it says something about the power, excitement and raw drama of live televised sport. And if we can become so passionately interested in curling why not table skittles? Julie Henry manipulates found footage of a long forgotten skittles final from the 1970s and shows it after a 21st century post production makeover. Mark Lewis’ carefully choreographed film of a children’s inner city kick-about on a London housing estate highlights how quickly the learned language of televised football and identification with sporting icons are assimilated. Roderick Buchanan has long had a fascination with and affection for sport. His video portraits of club athletes in Glasgow focus on the moment of exhaustion and recovery after a race. Alongside these new Cornerhouse/Film and Video Umbrella commissions, a selection of photographs on canvas from Tracey Moffatt’s series Fourth captures the anguish, emotion and fatigue of athletes finishing fourth during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. Ravi Deepres collects and subtly manipulates images of crowd scenes at international football matches. His photography and video work examine national, social and individual identity through careful observation of the dynamics and iconography of football supporters. New commissions in collaboration with Film and Video Umbrella. Spectator Sport forms part of Cultureshock, the cultural strand of Commonwealth Games, 2002 Manchester. Spectator Sport is sponsored by: IDP Education Australia (IDP). Your first choice global partner in education and development.