Parham Ghalamdar: A Fine Kettle of Fish

Presenting a brand new series of site-specific paintings, Parham Ghalamdar interrogates the relationship between chaos and order, presence and absence, life and death.

A Kettle Of Fish, a phrase used to describe an awkward or messy situation, embodies the chaos Parham seeks to artistically order. His overwhelming concern is that painting is about perception and it is an existentialist way to organise and present life experiences to the audience.

Developed during the numerous lockdowns, these works reflect the artist’s self-referential experience as a painter removed for context. In the absence of a studio, audience, gallery and physical art scene, Parham had to renegotiate his practice.

Despite his paintings bringing clarity to these experiences, there is a tension in Parham’s work as he chooses to then disrupt this order by expanding his works outside of the canvas onto the gallery walls. The oil paintings themselves are heavily influenced by the sugar-coated and acidic colour palettes of graffiti, echoing back to his time as a graffiti artist in Tehran. 

Parham Ghalamdar is a painter and animator based in Manchester. He is specialises in oil painting with a background in graffiti and public art. He studied MA Painting at Manchester School of Art. Since the National Lockdown in 2020 he has been expanding his painting practice into the digital realm by making stop-motion animations and AI-generated works.  

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