PANACEAHOTHOUSE is the Manchester edition of an evolving artwork by UK artists Michael Pinsky, Zoë Walker & Neil Bromwich.  An artwork with a function, Panacea was created as a universal formula to cure social, economic and political problems. Pinsky, Walker & Bromwich search for artistic ‘solutions’ that simultaneously offer viewers/participants an aesthetic experience and a practical tool to improve life.

PANACEAHOTHOUSE will premiere two new works: Healing Wall by Pinsky, a wall of light created from green neon pharmacy signs, familiar throughout France, and Sci Fi Hot Tub by Bromwich and Walker, a hot tub ‘island’ which cocoons participants in warmth and comfort whilst floating through sublime and potentially hostile environments.

Panacea is an artist-let collaboration developed in partnership with the John Hansard Gallery and supported by Arts Council England (National Touring Grant) and the Wellcome Trust (Sciart Production award)

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