Nwando Ebizie: Distorted Constellations

Distorted Constellations is an immersive sensory environment inspired by artist Nwando Ebizie’s interpretation of the rare neurological disorder Visual Snow and her own neuro-divergency. This Afrofuturist alternate reality is a playground for creative exploration, using immersive technologies and embodied ritual practice.

Drop into the Caustic Coastal in Salford on Sat 19, Sun 20, Thu 24 & Sat 26 Jan, 14:00 – 17:00; or book for any of the events below.

Programmed into the exhibition are a series of interactive performances, music and conversation-based events in collaboration with both scientists and artists:

Performance/ The Opening Ceremony
Thu 17 Jan, 

Presided over by the artist’s alter ego – Lady Vendredi – we are led through an elemental ritual designed, through intimacy, to bring us towards ecstatic release.
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Performance/ 20 Minutes of Action
Fri 18 – Sun 20 Jan, 
£5 – £10

Inspired by psycho-dramatic retellings of European and African folk tales and rituals, this performance features an analogue electronic score and draws on Ebizie’s research into perceptual disorders and dance through Haitian Vodou, Vogue and Ballet.
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The World of Visual Snow
Sat 19 Jan, 12:00 – 17:00
An invitation for those with Visual Snow and Neurodiverse people to experience the installation and meet Visual Snow researcher Dr Francesca Puledda. Event includes:

Talk/ The World of Visual Snow
Join Neuroscientist Dr Francesca Puledda for an Augmented Reality aided conversation on the rare neurological syndrome Visual Snow, which causes people to experience reality overlaid with ‘TV static’, halos and/or auras, as well as non-visual symptoms including tinnitus.

Lecture/ Are Our Brains Broken? Cognitive Bias and Neurodiverse Spectrum
A lecture and interactive demonstration by Dr Edward Bracey, demonstrating that the senses we trust unthinkingly every day can be tricked and manipulated. In using the senses to create a model of the environment, the brain has to make shortcuts and simplifications leading to cognitive biases. Experience how our brains simplify reality, putting us all on a spectrum of neurodiversity.
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Performance/ Intimacy/Touch/Tingles
Thu 24 – Sat 26 Jan, 19:30
£5 – £10

A relaxing, immersive performance exploring Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response in an intimate performance experience. Storytelling, touch and movement provide a journey into the psyche to find out if you experience ASMR – a relaxing, tingling sensation across the scalp and spine in response to particular triggers.
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Workshop/ The Oramics Machine: Optical Sound and Neuro-divergency
Sat 26 Jan, 14:00
£10 – £20

A rare opportunity to work with and construct visual scores using Tom Richard’s Mini Oramics machine – a drawn-sound synthesiser designed by Daphne Oram (1925-2003) circa 1976 and reimagined by Tom Richards. This workshop proposes alternate systems of scoring and playing electronic music that may connect with Neurodivergent people.
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Distorted Constellations Salon supported by Drugstore Culture
Sat 26 Jan, 21:00
Closing ceremony featuring live music from Tom Richards and a panel featuring Matthew d’Ancona, with an exploration of Neurodiverse music, the politics of perception and art as science experiment.
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For more information on Nwando Ebizie see nwandoebizie.com.

Co-commissioned by Eclipse and HOME with funding support from Wellcome and Unlimited, celebrating the work of disabled artists with funding support from Arts Council England.

  • Free, just drop in
  • This exhibition takes place at Caustic Coastal in Salford
  • Exhibition events have a small fee