Instigate Arts Present Ambition & Identity

“Can’t he ever stop?”

“He can’t stop Annie, because then he’d be sure to find out how sad he really is.”

Imitation of Life

Fear eats the soul, it feeds our desires, forms our ambitions and fuels who we think we are and so desperately want to be. As part of a curatorial residency at HOME, Instigate Arts slip between the gaps to present Ambition & Identity; a micro-programme and stock cube snapshot of all that HOME embodies in the form of raw, exciting and emerging creativity. We examine the hopes and fears that shape our ambition and identity, and question the corrupting influences that fuel them.

This event will launch with a short introduction to the wider project on Fri 17 June.

Ambition was a pop-up event across one evening on Sat 9 July, featuring Kevin Burke, Bartosz Beda, Stefanie Elrick & Laura McGee, Michelle Hannah, Richard Hughes, Anne Louise Kershaw, Sara Minelli & Matteo Giuliani, Emily Mulenga, Maria Orengo, Greg Thorpe, Angela Readman, Louise Woodcock.

This is shortly to be followed by a second pop-up event, Identity, which will take place on Sat 8 Oct, featuring Daniel Cockburn, Michelle Hanna, Lizz Brady, Celia Wickham, Saana Hamid, Zarina Muhammed, Emily Pitts, Nadia Peters and Jez Dolan.